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Yolanda Domínguez: “Zurück in 5 Minuten – bin beim Fettabsaugen”

Die neue Aktion der spanischen Künstlerin Yolanda Domínguez thematisiert Schönheitsoperationen in Brasilien. Angestellte in Supermärkten und Shops brachten Schilder mit dem Hinweis “Bin in 5 Minuten zurück, lasse mir Fett absaugen” oder “Bin gleich zurück – mache mir Silikon rein”. “BACK IN 5 MINUTES” is a series of actions in Brazil, within the NOVA Contemporary Culture Festival 2012, which engages the viewer in an absurd situation that highlights the alarming use of cosmetic surgery and excessive value which is given in our society to the external appearance: several women who attend the tail of a museum, a supermarket or a public service leave his job putting up posters like “BACK IN 5 MINUTES I’M GOING TO PUT SILICONE” or “ONCE AGAIN I’M GOING TO MAKE A LIPOSUCTION” before the astonished eyes of the customers that react to this event with amazement, indignation or laughter and stoically waiting for someone to attend as many questions remain floating in the air: is good this normalization of something that has serious physical and psychological risks? Do we prefer to grow the silicon instead of neuron? Or is it that after all our only purpose as a species is sexual reproduction?” Via Mail, gracias!

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