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Yolanda Domínguez: “The Metamorphosis”

Eine neue Performance von Yolanda Domínguez – unnötig zu erwähnen, dass ich Kafkas “Die Verwandlung” liebe. “In a Milan library, a young woman picks up a book from a shelf: Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”. She sits down to read it and starts to pull out the sheets from the book, make balls out of them and fill up her bra with them to increase her breast size. In this way starts off an obsessive and delirious transformation which disconcerts all those around her and that finishes up with her unavoidable expulsion from the room. The aim of the action is to question the body cult as a new route to access the world of work, submitting it to physical transformations that establish our relationship with our environment. The subjugation of women to the male gaze, the incapacity of choice and the constant feeling of guilt are some of the knowing winks to Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” through which the main character is referred to: a person totally subjugated, transformed into an insect and whose aspect determines her relationship with those surrounding her, awaking a mixture somewhere between fear, pity and laughter that culminates in tragedy.” Via: Mail

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