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Yolanda Domínguez: “Rebajadas”/”Lowered”, 2011

Die spanische Künstlerin Yolanda Domínguez zettelt zum Winterschlußverkauf einen Shopping-Fake-Streit an: “This living deals with making visible something that all women have suffered at some time and which is hardly spoken about, as it takes place in a hidden manner: women’s rivalry, a key subject that has arisen these days in the transition towards new roles and , especially, in women·s development in the labour market, where the majority confess having their worst enemies amongst their own female colleagues and/or bosses. Via this scene placed in a real event that involves rivalry: the queue for the opening day of a big store’s January Sales, two actresses play the role of two women who already know each other and who bump into each other in the queue. One plays the role of the tall, beautiful, young and successful girl (so she’s got all the ingredients to be rejected by the rest) and the other, somewhat older woman rebukes her for having taken her place. The two women exchange remarks and threats, making those waiting in the same queue take part in the story.The dénouement is imminent: the two finish up fighting just as the store doors open , capturing the attention of all the cameras.” Via

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