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Yolanda Dominguez: “Katy Salinas”

Die KĂĽnstlerin Yolanda Dominguez hat eine fiktive, dem Schönheitswahn verfallene Frau, Katy Salinas, erfunden – und mittels Blog die Diskussion um dieses Thema angeheizt: “A new living realised through a peculiar character who in less than a week has awaken doubts, fears, laughs, compassion, hates, love, sadness, anger and shock. Through a blog that has generated more than 18.000 visits and more than 1.000 comments (that have been written down in the blog, in her mail and in a wide range of discussion forums), “Katy Salinas”, a character that represents the beauty obsession taken to the limit, has set out many questions about the value that the current society gives to the appearance and how all the messages that people receives constantly through the mass media can influence to make them want to maintain themselves forever young (specially women). This character recreate the situation of a woman that has spent her entire live following all kind of advices and receipts and has carried out the most horrific actions that she find out at the media to become a beauty and keep younger at any price even forgetting how to live. The work represents, in one hand, an extreme case of unhappiness (generating an spectator repulse) and in the other hand, it’s an “ode to life” because there’s lot of messages that tell her to go out, smile, love, enjoy and live… A small script in a blog shape that has shaked the spectator in different ways.” Mehr von Dominguez auch hier, via: Mail, danke!

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