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Yolanda Dominguez: “Fake Your Orgasm”, 2010

Die neue Aktion von Yolanda Dominguez – Fake-Orgasmus-Fake-Propaganda: “A Living carried out via national radio and which, using an ironic plot, considers an aspect of women’s sexuality that is never talked about: faking orgasms. A famous Spanish sexologist has collaborated on this project, providing real data about this matter and an actress represents the role of a teacher of interpretation who advertises “classes to learn how to fake orgasms” via a flyer she gives out to the passers-by in the city centre. A national radio station that is collaborating with Yolanda DomĂ­nguez interviews this odd teacher live to ask her about these classes – how they are, how many clients she has… – as if it were totally real and a space is left for the public to intervene. Both men and women react leaving various messages according to their criteria and their experiences and different reactions are gathered. (Surprisingly, the female majority openly confess faking to be something normal). At the end of the programme, it is revealed that the teacher is not real and that it has all been a living carried out by Yolanda DomĂ­nguez who presents the spectators with this question and invites them to reflect upon it.” Mehr hier, via: Mail, thx!

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