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Watchlist: ZOSEN

“La catástrofe del postmodernismo”/”The catastrophe of postmodernism”, 2011

“Horta”, Barcelona 2004

ZOSEN aus Spanien – bei der ersten Performance schreibt er das folgende Zitat von John Zerzan an die Wand: “Demoralized, derealized, dehistoricized: art that can no longer take itself seriously. The image no longer refers primarily to some “original”, situated elsewhere in the “real” world; it increasingly refers only to other images. In this way it reflects how lost we are, how removed from nature, in the ever more mediated world of technological capitalism. Postmodernism subverts two of the over-arching tenets of Enlightenment humanism: the power of language to shape the world and the power of consciousness to shape a self. Thus we have the postmodernist void, the general notion that the yearning for emancipation and freedom promised by humanist principles of subjectivity cannot be satisfied. Pm views the self as a linguistic convention; as William Burroughs put it, “Your “I” is a completely illusory concept.” Via: Vandalog

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