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Watchlist: Vladimir Turner

DĹŻm z karet / House of cards“, 2010: “I took all the propaganda around this particular park, in the centre of Prague. I cleaned out this area from political propaganda, which used guerilla advertising methods. One of the objects fell down by wind, the other was teared down by city cleaners.”

Sub=Pop, 2010

Pokrývač: Ekolog II

S láskou / With love“, 2010: “I send all my correspondence with the tax office, the administration of social affairs and health insurance in red perfumed envelopes. Action continues since my taxation in 2008.”

UFF“, 2009: “UFF is an interactive audiovisual installation which documents the action of 18 artistic interventions in the public places in Prague on 19.5. 2009. The installation enables to watch a video documentation of the performance via interface which runs particular actions on the map of the city. UFF is designed to be a simulation of a dialog between the city and its inhabitans. Are we passive or active inhabitans? Do we have a chance to regulate the rules of the “game” within the system? UFF is a kind of engaged geocaching with elements of street-art. A game as an active form of cognition, space perception, creative approach in solving problems and answering questions. / We were monitoring signal of one of our mobile phones just as Czech Police does it. Through use of the location data we left a trace in the streets of Prague which could be watched in real time on the web or followed via maps shown on street posters and thus taking part in the game. Through re-contextualization of objects and places we aimed to interact with the city. You are watching a recording of this ilegal event, a street game, a dialogue with the city.”

“Nevim coby”, 2007

Wow, was fĂĽr ein Portfolio! Meine letzte groĂźe Entdeckung in diesem Jahr – Vladimir Turner aus Prag, Mitglied der Gruppe Ztohoven. Via: Mail, thx!

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