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Watchlist: Trevor Paglen

Symbology (Volume I): Military culture is filled with a totemic visual language consisting of symbols and insignia that signify everything from various unit and command affiliations to significant events, and noteworthy programs. A typical uniform will sport patches identifying its wearer’s job, program affiliation, achievements and place within the military hierarchy.”

Limit Telephotography: A number of classified military bases and installations are located in some of the remotest parts of the United States, hidden deep in western deserts and buffered by dozens of miles of restricted land. Many of these sites are so remote, in fact, that there is nowhere on Earth where a civilian might be able to see them with an unaided eye. In order to produce images of these remote and hidden landscapes, therefore, some unorthodox viewing and imaging techniques are required.”

The Other Night Sky: is a project to track and photograph classified American satellites in Earth orbit, a total of 189 covert spacecraft. To develop the body of work, I was assisted by observational data produced by an international network of amateur “satellite observers.”

The Black Sites: With the beginning of the War on Terror, the CIA set up a network of secret prisons in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. Hundreds of ‘ghost prisoners’ have gone through this system. The black sites have become synonymous with allegations of torture. The locations of the secret prisons have been some of the Bush Administration’s most closely-guarded secrets.”

Ich habe gestern mit Trevor Paglen ein Interview für die kommende Ausgabe des Opak-Magazins geführt. Der US-Künstler/Wissenschaftler/Geograph beschäftigt sich seit vielen Jahren mit Spionagesatelliten, Black Sites (geheime Gefängnisse, die außerhalb der USA betrieben werden und offiziell nicht existieren), mythisch-militäre Anlagen wie Area51 und CIA-Entführungsflüge. Allerhöchste Zeit, dass er hier mal erwähnt wird – ein wirklich außergewöhnlicher Künstler! Sein Vortrag bei Google vermittelt einen guten Einblick in seine investigative Praxis und das Interview zum Themenkomplex “Mythos” gibt´s dann ab September im Opak-Magazin.

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