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Watchlist: Tomáš Moravec

Video: “Pallet”, 2008: “The space between the tram tracks in Bratislava is 435 mm narrower than the gauge of tracks in Prague or Pilsen (1435 mm). The wooden europallet, a basic feature of any warehouse or storage hall, with its standartized 1200×800 mm dimensions, when modified can only run on the tracks in Bratislava. A new transport vehicle brings change into the spatial perspective of a passenger in motion and generally changes the life of the city, through which the pallet can run, guided by a map of the city lines.”

“Marked out”, 2008, “definition of the game in the inappropriate places”, with Matěj Al-Ali

“False grounds”, 2011, together with Matěj Al-Ali: “Visually expectable nonsense object in an unfinished building passages. Sliding excavation as a symbol of the constant transformation of the space. The planned choreography of everyday shift to another position.”

“White man disease”, 2008: “Images created by light in the public space.”

“Situation: Question of superficial affection”, 2013, “a processual series of sculptures that will be ‘served’ to the audience.”

Eine wunderbare Entdeckung: Der tschechische Künstler Tomáš Moravec. “Tomáš Moravec gained his Master in Arts (MgA.) at the intermedia department of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic in 2012. His works could be described as “spatial situations”, mostly realized by means of object, video and installation. Interventional gesture, altered dispositions of surroundings, deflecting the viewers perspective, temporary objects or subtle installations are among the most significant points in his outcomes. The production of “change”, perceived both as a natural quality and the striving need, could be the unifiing subject matter of his previous works. Often realized common projects with Matěj Al-Ali, Petr Dub or Roman Štětina than promote the open space to thematize the artistic colaboration or react towards public and exhibition space.” Via: Mail, danke Robin!