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Watchlist: The Vacuum Cleaner

Aus “Police” wird “lice” (Läuse)

“One Hundred Thousand Pieces Of Possibilities”: “On 28/09/07 we gave away our Anti Festival artist fee of €1000. From 10 am in the open lobby of the Kuopion Osuuspankki Bank (Coop Bank in Kuopio, Finland) people could take away as much as they needed or could carry. The money was offered 1 cent pieces.”

Das britische Kunst/Performance/Aktivismus-Kollektiv The Vacuum Cleaner hat eine neue Webseite – und diese bietet einen guten Ăśberblick ĂĽber die Aktionen der letzten Jahre: “the vacuum cleaner is an art and activism collective of one. the vacuum cleaner employ various creative legal and illegal tactics and forms, attempting to mock, brandalise and disrupt concentrations of power.”


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