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Watchlist: “The Passage Souterrain” in Paris

The Passage Souterrain” ist ein Guerilla-Ausstellungsraum (sprich: UnterfĂĽhrung) in Paris, der seit 2005 vor allem von spanischen, politischen KĂĽnstlern bespielt wird, u.a. haben dort bereits ausstellt: Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Jorge Diezma, Santiago Sierra, PSJM uvw. “The Passage Souterrain is a guerrilla art space. Its goal is to develope in-situ and ephymerous interventions by contemporary artists in a public art space. The creators that take part in this process are spanish –south american and spaniard- and for the great part their work is politically engaged. If art is about comunicating visions, exchanging experiences and sharing life, these are the pilars on wich the Passage Souterrain is based. Passage Souterrain: Avenue de New York with rue de la Manutention, Paris.” Via: Mail, gracias!

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