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Watchlist: The Krasnals

Meine erste richtig nette Begegnung bei der Art Cologne: Am Stand von VernissageTV habe ich das polnische, anonym arbeitende, K√ľnstlerkollektiv “The Krasnals” getroffen. Krasnals hei√üt soviel wie “Elfen” – und die Gruppe vergreift sich mit gro√üer Leidenschaft an postsozialistischen Klassikern, Meistern wie Lucien Freud, Yoko Ono, Christo & Co. und malt polemische Kommentare √ľber die polnische Gesellschaft, Politik und Kunstszene. “We are the ‘black star’ of Polish art scene! We are fed up with the stagnation of the Polish art world dependent on the western art market rules. It provoked our frustration and aggression. Cynicism became more inspiring. We vomit on things or admire them. New qualities can be seen through chaos or turning things upside down. The career of W. Sasnal was the turning point, and acceptance by Christie’s the painting based on Sasnal‚Äôs one and estimation at 70,000 GBP.”

Krasnal HaŇāabaŇāa, Great Poles series, “Electric bath duck for suicidal tendency / group portrait of of Polish Trinity: JarosŇāaw KaczyŇĄski, Lech KaczyŇĄski, Donald Tusk”, 2008

The Krasnals: “Puncher”, 2009

Krasnal Bansky “Greetings from Benefis Supervisor Sleeping by Lucien Freud / Hmm… what can we do for 33,6 mln dollars? (part 1)”, 2008

Whielki Krasnal, “Portrait of Christo”, 2008

Sleeping Beauty “I am a beautiful Mummy! ‚Äď I love you my pussy!”, 2008: “These photos refer to the opening of the exhibition of Yoko Ono in Warsaw CCA in September 2008, her performance ‘Onochord’ with flashlights and the art work ‘My Mummy was beautiful’. At the opening the light of love sent by Yoko Ono didn’t get to the place that I needed it. Fortunately I took it home with me.” (*)


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  1. Thanks for posting our things! Good choice of pictures :)
    Greetings from Poland and from The Krasnals :) :)

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