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Watchlist: Princess Hijab

Neue Arbeit von Princess Hijab. √úber sie gab¬īs auch schon mal bei SpOn nen Artikel: “Sie nennt sich Princess Hijab und tritt als Guerilla-K√ľnstlerin im √∂ffentlichen Raum auf. Seit 2006 zieht die 21-J√§hrige n√§chtens durch Paris und √ľberzieht Plakatwerbung mit dem Schleier. Diesem Symbol, das Anlass ist f√ľr erbitterte Debatten um religi√∂sen Fundamentalismus und kulturelle Freiheit und Unterdr√ľckung. “Ich bin eine visuelle Terroristin”, sagt Princess Hijab, “der Dschihad ist meine Kunst.” (*) Via.

Ihr Manifest: “This is the story of a young woman fighting every day for a noble cause: she wants to ‚Äúhijabize‚ÄĚ advertising. Princess Hijab knows that L‚ÄôOr√©al and Dark&Lovely have been killing her little by little. She feels that the veil is no longer that white. She feels contaminated. When she was a teen, she heard about movements such as Adbuster; but since 9/11, things have changed. She does not subvert images in an American way. Princess Hijab will go on, veiled and alone, forever asserting her physical and mental integrity. By day, she wears a white veil, symbol of purity. By night, her black veil is the expression of her vengeful fight for a cause (custom ad). With her spray paint and black marker pen, she is out to hijabize advertising. Even Kate Moss is targeted. She knows all about visual terrorism! And she will not spare her right of expression for the likes of publicists. Make sure that all advertising can be hijabized ‚Äú ‚Äėcause that‚Äôs her fight Jihad is her art‚ÄĚ. And don‚Äôt forget, she acts upon her own free will. She is not involved in any lobby or movement be it political, religious or to do with advertising. In fact, the Princess is an insomniac-punk. She is the leader of an artistic fight, nothing else.”

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