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Watchlist: Phil Jones

Wunderbare Fake-Flugblätter von Phil Jones. Via


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  1. The “missing pet turtle and nunchucks” sign is the cutest thing ever. lol ^_^*

  2. I absolutely LOVE this!!!! Too funny!!!

  3. It’s genius and I wish I’d thought up every single one of them myself.

  4. I have seen many of different types of “ads” featured on other websites. Most were not too good. But I did laugh at these ones. Very creative. I love the tree one.
    Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. brittany,

    the last one was my favorite. these are hilarious!

  6. Patti,

    These are great, love the homeless tree!

  7. haha! the missing turtle and nunchucks gave me serious LULZ.

  8. Julie,

    As a designer – love the font one

  9. best belly laugh I’ve had in a while.
    keep up the creative efforts.

  10. Rachel,

    I saw one once that said “FREE CHICKEN STRIPS” and hand a picture of a chicken on each of the strips.

  11. Linnt,

    i never knew poster could be used in such creative way.

  12. Cris,

    it is a sad but humorous tree. it is liked in spite of being flawed.

  13. Alex Button,

    I liked the last one!

  14. what,

    how is this activism? =\

  15. rob,

    Hmmmm David Shrigley perhaps?

  16. HaseebUllahAsad,

    Akakakaak……..Cute Indeed ! Especially the Swimmer and Plumber One !

  17. Mike Sienerth,

    This is awesome! – This rebel art should become a national movement – It would at least make people pause -think and laugh – love it!

  18. Beux,

    I must say that the last one and the first are my favorite of the adds.

  19. Sylvie,

    The pic on the tree wanting to go home is a little sad but a little funny too…..He wants to go home to be with his family……awwww…

  20. I have to say, the last one is pure genius!

  21. Kandi,

    All very cute and funny….

  22. kailey,

    that was so funny lol. the turtle was ..idk lol.

  23. Megan,

    I love these!

    Once at my university, there was one on the bulletin board, and each little piece of paper at the bottom had a small Clip Art chicken on it. The sign said “FREE CHICKEN STRIPS!!!!”



  24. Erstklassig, vor allem die Ninja Schildkroete

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