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Watchlist: Mircea Nicolae

“Street Sign”

“Earrings”: “I made a pair of earrings using my own mucus, by removing the Murano glass from the iron rods, and then replacing it with my own secretion, which took two weeks to collect.”

“Coca Cola”: “The hammer and sickle out of 31 Coca Cola cans, within the premises of the Electroaparataj factory in Bucharest, Romania.”

“Flower bridge”: “The flag of the European Union, the flag of the Republic of Moldova, two wooden poles set up and abandoned on the banks of the small river that flows through the middle of the dry lake from the Valea Morilor Park in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.”

“Dead Guy”: “White paint on asphalt. The dead guy was placed in an area where people have actually died. I gave him a smiling face.”

“Prosthetic for a dry plant”: “I made a prosthetic for a dry plant using a plastic lollipop stick I had found on the street.”

Arbeiten von Mircea Nicolae, *1980, lebt und arbeitet in Bukarest. Via: Mathieu, merci!

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