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Watchlist: Jeroen Eisinga

“Springtime”, 2010-2011: “I was covered with 150000 bees and I was stung thirty times. I did not feel any pain. Except towards the end when I was stung in my eyelids. I felt resistance up to a certain moment, but after a while I let it go and surrendered to the experience. I think I must have entered a state of trance at some point. I started to feel completely empty inside and entered a state of complete freedom. Towards the end I only heard the beating of my heart and my own breathing.”

“40-44-PG”, 1993: “The Volkswagen Beetle in this film belonged to my twin brother Bart. The license plate is the title of the film. The location is our hometown Waspik, a small village in the South of the Netherlands. We used to drive around in this car for many years, and during our year of shared unemployment we occasionally did this stunt to spice up our long days. It was our own version of train surfing or Russian roulette. The car drove around in circles with no driver in it. The wheel was tied with a rope and there was a brick on the pedal. One of us would walk around blindfolded, trying to dodge the car and trying not to get run over. The other one would watch and cheer; ‘to the left’; or ‘to the right’; ‘move on’, or ‘watch out!’ I decided to reenact this pastime or rite of passage. In this performance I did the walking and Bart filmed it, enabling me to see what I could not see with my own eyes.”

Jeroen Eisinga “(1966, Delft, Netherlands) is a visual artist and was educated at the art academy in Arnhem, the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and in scriptwriting at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles. He lives and works in Rotterdam. He has made several short and experimental films. In his work, Eisinga has been inspired by artists like Bas Jan Ader and Chris Burden.”

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