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Watchlist: Jeanette Bailey

“Home Is Where The Heart is: Highlights the contrast between the urban environment and the private, homely environment. It intends to show how we happily create industrial environments in our public surroundings, but yet keep our homes private and comforting with soft colour, pictures and sentimental objects.”

“Just One Week – Is a written documentary of week in the life of those who are homeless or recently been re-housed. They have written their documentary in their own words, given only a journal to use in whatever way they wish. This project explores the vulnerabilities of those that are homeless, giving them an opportunity to create their own art and allow the public an insight into their world.”

“Lost – This project is about how we separate our personal lives off from urban spaces. It is about seeing urban spaces as often invasive and we act an impersonal way when it comes to handling ourselves in public, however we ourselves have created this environment which we live in.”

Interventionen von Jeanette Bailey: “My site is a documentation of several urban interventions I have carried out in urban spaces. Each piece is designed to question how we see our everyday lives and familiar environments.” Via: Linktipp

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