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Watchlist: Jacob Fabricius

Mandla Reuter: “Newsweek”

Jonathan Monk: “The Economist” – fĂĽr das Projekt “24 Advertisements“: “There is a long tradition of artists placing works, images, texts, projects…..advertisements in magazines. 24 Advertisements will continue and explore this field. Over the next two years 24 artists will be invited to make one advertisement each. The advertisements will be placed and appear in magazines, monthly or quarterly, both within, but mostly outside of the art magazine context.”

“Old News is a project about information, media and recycled, reprinted news. It is a non-profit newspaper presenting a selection of articles, images and words clipped from newspapers. The articles have all been chosen by individual artists for the purpose of redistributing the news. Old News is a second-generation, copyright-free newspaper. The Old News newspaper is also for free.”

Jacob Fabricius. Via

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