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Watchlist: H3T

“Floating Loo”, 2011

“Observatory Toilets”, 2010

“Bicycle Sauna Kolonok”, 2011

“Transportable Sauna”, 2010

“Tea House ÄŚD”, 2011

“Tea House Muštelka”, 2010

Das Prager Architektentrio H3T baut mobile Saunen, Teehäuser in luftigen Höhen – und illegale Toilettenhäuschen. “The Toilet with a View provides one of the most important qualities of a good toilet: privacy. It’s located far from everyone, and nobody would come here, so it’s no problem to leave the door open. But even better it also provides a great view over the nearby city of Letná. With this project the architects try to discuss the lack of essential amenities in public areas in cities in the Czech Republic. “Public places are still unfriendly towards people interested in using them”, they explain. Using that situation as a challenge, this construction aims to facilitate people’s natural needs in the best way possible. The toilet is build out of recycled materials, and although it served a lot of people it was already broken down after several weeks.” Via


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