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Watchlist: Erik Wesselo

“DĂĽffels Möll”, 1997

“Burning Up”, 1998

Wow, gerade erst entdeckt. “DĂĽffels Möll” ist eine atemberaubende Performance des niederländischen KonzeptkĂĽnstlers Erik Wesselo. Auch sehr schön: FĂĽr das Video “Backwards” (1996) reitet er rĂĽckwärts durch den Wald und fĂĽr “Burning Up” (1998) zĂĽndet er seine Haare an. “Erik Wesselo (1964, ‘s Hertogenbosch) is a conceptual Dutch artist whose work encompasses performances, videos, photographs and drawings. He earned early recognition with his bold performances, which involved setting his own hair on fire and getting the words “LOVE” tattooed on his hand. Comparably bold, if less in a physical way, he performed a public karaoke to his favorite songs. The video DĂĽffels Möll, 1997 shows the artist attached to the turning wing of a typical Dutch windmill.”

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