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Mit dem “DEberlusconiZER” wird Berlusconi aus dem Netz gel√∂scht – und durch Kunst ersetzt: “The DEberlusconiZER is a web tool that replaces the images and words related to the Italian Prime Minister. The first step of the project, developed by a group of artists and programmers, is to substitute words and images related to the Italian Prime Minister with coloured highlighting. In the next phase, these empty spaces will be filled up with a series of works by Italian and international artists. The artists will be asked to reflect upon the Internet as a public context, and to imagine a new fate for this “liberated space”. Lastly, the users themselves will decide and propose new content.”

One man demonstration“: Ein-Mann-Demo gegen Berlusconi

National Mourning“: Solange ein schwarzes Trauerband tragen, bis Berlusconi abgew√§hlt wird

BUUUUUUUU ist ein neues Kunstkollektiv aus Italien und deren erstes erkl√§rtes Ziel ist der Sturz Berlusconis. “Buuuuuuuuu is a collective artistic action which collects ideas and projects against the authoritarian democracies. Buuuuuuuuu‚Äôs first goal is the fall of Berlusconi’s Government. Buuuuuuuuu uses internet to create an international network of people sharing their artistic actions and using alternative channels of language and communication. Buuuuuuuuu aims at transferring the creative commitment from the virtual space to the physical one by organizing actions of constant dissent.” Via: Mail, thx Aldo!


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