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Watchlist: Ben Ross

Crazy Kritzelkratzel-Hackenkreuz-Chaos: “Ben Ross – Ars Authentica” (6. Februar bis 20. Februar) im Berliner Undplus CollabRoom (Torstr. 66): “Hey my name is B.R. and i am German. The Germans killed many Jews in the past. What i am about to show you is an exhibition about the authenticity in our lives. How authentic is your mother? How authentic is your country? How authentic can art be? Is there something like “authentic” anyway? Because of their history the Germans understand authenticity, the internet knows the meaning of the word as well. I trust the Germans more than the internet. So, this is more an exhibition about bringing back the trust to the people of Germany than about doing some arty stuff. If you know what i mean. Ben Ross 2010″ Via: Mail, danke Gunnar!


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  1. e,

    authenticity is art(ificial)! the internet and germany are art(ificial)! history is art(ificial)! trust is art(ificial)!

    WE ARE (art)ificial.

    so don’t trust. don’t internet. don’t germany. don’t history.

    be unofficial. stop art.

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