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Watchlist: Baptiste Debombourg

“Social philosophy”

“Crystal Palace”: “It’s an urban sculpture. It seems that something violent happened to this bus stop, but actually the broken glass shows more something precious. The situation is turned – the attention is grabbed from the aesthetic, not from the act of destruction. The intention was to provoke some emotion or empathy.”

“Turbo”: “The turbo wave of the 80′s left its mark on the industry and on the whole cultural situation in Western Europe. It became a model of behavior. The sound effect gives sensation of real physical power.”

“Aggravure”: “The protagonist Icarus, the Mannerism of the Renaissance and the symbol of sublime power Air Force One -the plane of the American President- are the main points in this work. The combination of pathos, beauty and unnatural movement of Italian Mannerists concealing some aggression.”

“Polybric”: “Polybric is an educational and entertaining construction game allowing both boys and girls to assemble and build as they wish, with imagination and creativity. The piece is in a real public toilet and it was functional for couple of days.”

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