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Watchlist 4: Justine Cooper


Justine Cooper, “Havidol”, 2007

Justine Cooper, “Saved By Sience”, 2005

Justine Cooper, “Saved By Sience”, 2005

Justine Cooper, “Saved By Sience”, 2005

Die australische KĂĽnstlerin Justine Cooper arbeitet immer wieder an der Schnittstelle Kunst/Kultur und Wissenschaft/Medizin. Ihr neuestes Projekt “Havidol” ist ein klassischer Fake: Ihre fiktionale Marketingkampagne wirbt fĂĽr ein magisches, glĂĽckbringendes Lifestyle-Medikament – und verspricht Abhilfe gegen “Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder” (etwa: Dysphorisches soziales Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit und Beklemmungsverwirrung). “Havidol is an artful parody of a new kind of gold rush heralding an era in which pharmaceutical companies mine psycho-chemicals for a public who is ready to swallow almost anything in the pursuit of the new American Dream: a life without pain, only gain”, erklärt ihre New Yorker Galerie Daneyal Mahmood das Projekt.


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  1. aine,

    this is so fucking cruel u should be put into that jar with the monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ana,

    why don’t u guys do that 2 ur selfs!!!!! bitches!!

  3. alice hall,

    This is poo how could you do that to so meany butter flies and tigers and monkeys. Its really cruel.
    Can you not see that we are all meant to share this world together in peace and harmony.
    The monkey is even quite like the human. EVRY THING HAS FEELINGS!!!
    (im 11 and i think its bad all ready)
    You get home from work and your child says: wat did you do at work today daddy? and you say I cilled some monkeys and shoved them in a jar deery.

  4. Katy,

    This is so terribly sad and such a waste of life. From the little I understand of what is written, it seems as though there is a very valid point. However, that can only remain a point of validity and not hypocracy, if all of the above photos are fabricated or taken from elsewhere. In other words, if the person responsible for these images created them him/herself and actually killed the animals, then that certainly cannot be respected. Whereas, if the person responsible for these images walked through a lab, for instance, and photographed someone else’s cruelty to animals to spread awareness of the fact, I think it’s admirable. No one wants to see that or know it exists, but it does none the less, and so it seems only to numb pain for a while.

  5. Pia,

    wie kann man nur so etwas tun
    es ist wirklich so abschäulich und grauenvoll

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