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Voina-Gruppe von Polizei verprügelt

“Yesterday three artists of the Voina art group have been attacked and severely beaten by police officers in St. Petersburg. Leonid Nikolayev, Oleg Vorotnikov and his wife, Natalia Sokol, were set upon by seven men on March 3 as they walked home after a press conference in which they told journalists about the terrible conditions they faced in pretrial detention center. “Around seven men in civilian clothes were trailing them. When [Voina members] made to take a photo of them, they laid into them shouting “We are from the criminal investigation department!” They were waving their IDs around and kicking the guys,” artists’ lawyer Dmitry Dinze said. The plainclothes police officers beat not only Vorotnikov and Nikolayev, but a miniature woman Natalia Sokol and her 2-year-old son Kasper as well. Please, see photo documentation in the attachment. Fragment from Oleg Vorotnikov’s story here.” Via: Mail

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