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Voina Group: “How to snatch chicken”

Und wieder eine neue Aktion der russischen Voina Group: “Voina DIY Handbook. Section 1. How to snatch chicken. The tale of how one Cunt fed the whole of the group Voina. Activist of the group Voina named Vacuous Cunt With Inconceivably Huge Tits steals a chicken from a supermarket by hiding it in her vagina. At the same time The Voina Activists, assisting Cunt, show the CCTV cameras and security guards their motto. FUCK WHORING YOURSELF! declares the Voina motto.” Mehr Bilder hier, siehe auch: “Kakerlaken im Gericht” und die “Penis-Brücke” in St. Petersburg. Via: Mail, danke Eugen!


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  1. the problem is that this action looks like staging for some livestyle magazine. it was happend with some other action by voina in the past.

  2. Jeetje,


    So, so sad

    Please protect these woman against herself.
    Please let the men stick ducks in their asses.
    Please tell them that wanting to shock is sometimes just being stupid. And sad, so sad.

  3. krasse action. ich seh die message noch nicht ganz aber ich werd mir gleich mal die paar zeichen kyrillisch da übersetzen lassen /-;

  4. Das Ende gefällt mir am besten!

  5. BUR,

    Vimeo deleted Voina video “How to snatch chicken”, mirror link:

  6. lesta,

    please give me the video

  7. dead or alive and inspiring debate . powerful image………. mother hen

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