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Urbane Interventionen: “Madrid Abierto 09/10″

Lisa Cheung: “Huert-o-Bus“. “Huert-o-Bus is a travelling greenhouse, inviting local residents in Madrid to grow fresh vegetables and plants within the city centre. Huert-o-bus makes use of existing urban public spaces for communal gardens and local food growing. Like a public city bus, Huert-o-bus will stop in different neighbourhoods and districts in designated plazas, carrying its ‘passengers’ of seeds and seedlings. Each site will be marked by a ‘bus stop’ that informs neighbours/visitors of the Huert-o-Bus schedule and its activities.”

Iñaki Larrimbe: “Unofficial tourism“. “With Unofficial tourism, artist Iñaki Larrimbe seeks to customize a caravan and turn it into an `unofficial´ tourist office. By locating it in the streets of Madrid, the aim is to inform foreign cultural consumers (tourists) by offering maps and guides containing alternative routes of exploration. Different to those delivered by the `official tourism´, these itineraries have been made by six people living in Madrid, and who are related to its most alternative culture, its `underground´ or counterculture. Mauro Entrialgo and Adriana Herreros have created a guide to Advertising neon signs; Guillermo de Madrid has put together a route of Urban Art; Jimina Sabadu shows us public spaces where motion pictures were shot; John Tones invites us to walk into various arcades and stores that have kept the old school game machines; Santi Otxoa delivers an itinerary to One hundred year old taverns in MadrĂ­ and the Todo por la praxis collective, encourages us to meet the unheard-of human fauna and urban flora in the neighbourhood of Cañada Real.”

Adaptive Action: AA Camp-Madrid. “The Adaptive Action (AA) laboratory, initiated in London in 2007, lends voice to marginal causes, alternative urban lifestyles, counter-conducts and citizen’s artistic creations by which imagination and personal creativity influences daily life. AA makes an inventory in order to disclose these singularities and existing actions. AA also aims to encourage others to engage in new creative activities in order to adapt the urban fabric. AA nurtures itself on individual and collective contributions and initiatives by extending an open call for collaboration (taking place in several places simultaneously).”

Das Projekt “Madrid Abierto 2009/2010” bot auch diesmal wieder viele inspirierende Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum – und viele lesenswerte Theorietexte: “Making public interventions in today’s massive cities” (Saskia Sassen), “Urban Interventions” (Nelson Brissac) und “Madrid Abierto 2004-2008” (Jorge DĂ­ez).

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