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Update: The Wa

“Es war einmal”, 2014, Berlin: “Fairy tale characters arranged in a militant fashion before a sculpture of a former German communist leader within a residential park in Berlin on May 1st 2014. Within 5 hours the installation had been removed by passers by.”

“Patria o Muerte !”, 2014, Winterthur: “Hand painted reproductions of communist propaganda billboards seen in Cuba. Reproductions are installed on billboards with all geographical references are removed.”

“I.Q.”, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka: “Bumper stickers found on the shell of a turtle.”

Wir hatten ihn schon richtig vermisst! Lange, lange gab es keine News des französischen Künstlers The Wa mehr – jetzt hat er sich endlich wieder zurückgemeldet! DANKE für das Update!

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