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Update: The Wa

“Atlas”, 2012. Foto: Davide Marconcini

“Stavanger”, 2012

“La Ligne rouge : From the tourist itinerary to itinerant deviance. Here we are in Marseille, tourism policy put in evidence the merits of the city through a red track marks on the ground to serve as a guide, itinerary … the itinerary is advised. The Wa diverted then track it official by a mechanism tinkers, assembles, welds in the discretion of the workshops. It is therefore conceivable that small machinery, which allows a bicycle, to throw a line on the ground in red paint. This object has the burlesque aesthetic becomes the weapon of deviance. The Wa takes his bike, and since the itinerary advice, diverted the track official to areas not politically respectable.” (…)

Neue Arbeiten von The Wa, via Mail, merci!

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