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Update: Sweza

Solarlichtraum“: “The project is called “Solarlichtraum” and it was installed it in the streets of Neukölln, Berlin. It is a wooden box (apoximately 140mm x 140mm x 140mm) with a peephole and a lense inside, behind the lens there is a mini graffiti style (apoximately 25mm x 10mm). The style is backlit by a LED that is atached to a solar cell. The whole device is working autonomous, during daytome the battery gets charged, at night the LED shines, if you want to look at the image during the day you just have to cover the solar cell, if you want to switch of the LED at night just iluminate the solar cell, so the whole thing has some cheap little interactivity to it.”

Please smile“: “This project is also interactive and it is called “Please smile”. I took some tiles and sprayed a QR-Code on them using stancil technique. Then i glued the tiles under Surveillance Cameras. The beholder can now use a mobile phone with a QR-Decoder aplication to receive the message: “Please smile? You are beeing filmed”

Neue Arbeiten von Sweza – mit neuen Bildern von Just. Via: Mail, thx!

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