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Update: Florian Rivière

Urban Circus, 2012

Advertising Carousel, Berlin, April 2012

“Jumping rope chain”, Berlin, April 2012

“Renversement de situation”, Berlin, April 2012

“Fast Bench”, Berlin, April 2012

“Domino”, Berlin, April 2012

Haltérophilie, Berlin, April 2012

Seesaw, Berlin, April 2012

Florian Rivière ist gerade in Berlin (und London) – und on fire!!! Via: Mail, merci!


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  1. hä?,

    … das sieht alles aus wie brad downey!

  2. street art policy,

    all the street art crap from all around the world, but worse than ever !

  3. streetart police,

    I looks like one day browsing the streetart forums and than realizing(copying) all the projects in one week.not cool

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