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Update: Aljoscha

31.05-05.06.2011, Venice: “Thirsty bioism creature at the fountain of Rialto-market, rising up its water content, maintaining plasma volume, keeping thermal regulation upright, dissolving, metabolizing. After water drinking, the pet was glad to kiss the door of european center for living technology and participate in funking around with highly adorable La Tunca Art Foundation, what caused an immediate expropriation of it by François Pinault Foundation.

After a couple of days we are so far to see our pet and going to visit the mighty animal euthanasia organization. yes, the thirsty child is alive, but new owner has no idea about desires and needs of living artworks. please send it to our headquarters: PO Box 1300, MI6 cultural department, London SE1 1BD, UK.

31.05-05.06.2011: Göttingen: “Experimental physics by Lichtenberg figure: bioism electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or the interior of insulating materials.”

Neue Arbeiten von Aljoscha in Venedig und Göttingen. Via: Mail, thx!

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