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Und sonst so? : 23. 11. 2014

Shit And Die” – so der Titel der von Maurizio Cattelan kuratierten Ausstellung in Turin. Der Tumblr zur Ausstellung ist ein unglaubliches, bildgewaltiges Feuerwerk. Unbedingt anschauen!

* Nicht verpassen: In Barcelona steigt die Influencers-Konferenz 2014 – wieder mit einem absoluten Staraufgebot. Live dabei sind: Julia Solis & John Law, Julian Oliver, David Horvitz, Gabriella Coleman, Olia Lialina, Center for PostNatural History und Bill Drummond!

* Schöner Artikel von Alessandro Ludovico / Neural ĂĽber die Post-Print-Ă„ra: “A new wave of artists is now using print in myriad ways, employing print-on-demand technologies to affordably produce artists’ books and magazines and to transfer Internet content to paper. Artists are also using structured processes and software to create new types of publishing that break established rules and conventions. In the post-digital era, print can be culturally subversive, particularly when its unchangeability is strategically used instead of rejected as obsolete.”

* Schönes Projekt: Liesmich: Die besten Reportagen im Netz

* Glitch-Stricken: “A visual glitch is a product of an error that’s usually caused by a mistranslation because of loss or a breakdown in a digital communication or device. These errors can reveal the language of a digital image. Using a hacked knitting machine, these errors are printed out on a knitting machine which translates them into a palpable textile surface, revealing the patterns of corrupted file formats.”

* Der ZĂĽndfunk Netzkongress als eBook (free!)

* The Temple Of Holy Shit: “Collective Disaster has a new way to make money. Turning shit into something holier… soil.”

* Support Your Local Artist: Wir brauchen jetzt Eure Hilfe – unterstĂĽtzt bitte die KULTUR.BOX bei Startnext!


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