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Und sonst so? : 19. 12. 2012

Ich wünsche Euch ein fröhliches Fest und nen guten Rutsch! Foto: Dresden-Blasewitz 2012

* BĂĽcher zu Kunstwerken: Matthias HĂĽbner hat seinen eignen Verlag an den Start gebracht: Possible Books! Los geht´s gleich mit drei Publikationen von Brad Downey (“11/09/01″, “The Rituals of Father and Son”, “Zen Pranks”) und eine Liebesgeschichte in 52 Akten (“Die Jule mit den Pizzabrötchen”). “Possible Books is a small publishing house founded on a love for books. We don’t see books strictly as a medium to deliver information, but rather as a vessel of sensual and subtle experiences. We consider ourselves as book makers rather than publishers. Our books will be produced industrially if necessary, but will always have a “human touch.” We appreciate collaborations and open dialogue, and Possible Books will be a platform for exactly that. As for the content of our books, we have our interests but are keen for new ideas and avenues.” Viel Erfolg!

* Aram Bartholl wird 40 – und schenkt Euch ne Party: “YOUR ART!! PARTY, 10pm, December 29, 2012 @ PANKE club, Gerichtstr. 23, Berlin Wedding, 5th backyard map!! FB event. Make your own YOUR ART!! GOLDEN NECKLACE at the YOUR ART!! PARTY. Show off all your works from your phone/tablet/etc wrapped as COOL necklace jewelry. You are the SHOW!”

* Pippi-Check-in: “Mark Your Territory” is a new system that lets individuals check-in to foursquare by physically urinating at the actual location. Via

* ILG mit neuen Folgen der Reihe “5 Min”: Diesmal mit JUST & in Mexiko-City.

* Eines meiner Lieblingszines (Sorry, Schicken Omi!) ist endlich wieder da: Junk Jet Fanzine N°6: “The global is but the local on world tour. On this tour the local is not preserving identity – be that cultural, political, or social, but it is (re-)inventing itself, as art, activism, or enterprise. The local even aims at becoming a global subject, without knowing what forces – be that swarm, viral, or whatever, this depends on. The local is more or less ignorant about the www processes, but it is ready to get itself into anything – be that souvenirs, ruins, folklorisms, vernaculars, clichĂ©s, promises, romanticisms, naturalisms, exotisms. Junk Jet N°6 is crazy about things of local time and place, in the form of objects, images, gifs, videos, sounds, architectures, or reflecting texts. Junk Jet comes with works from your localhost, or your local wifi kebab-shop.” 144 Seiten, 12 Euro.

* Und noch ein Buch-Tipp: “Jahrbuch Netzpolitik 2012″, als kostenloser PDF-Download hier. Via

* Das Kunstmagazin Glut spürt künstlerische Positionen von morgen auf. Mit frischem Blick gehen wir in die Kunstakademien und Ateliers und stellen die interessantesten jungen Künstler ausführlich und persönlich vor. Via

* Wer´s noch nicht kennt: “Watch The K Foundation Burn a Million Quid“, die KLF-Doku (1994): “Am 23. August 1994 nahmen Bill Drummond und Jimmy Cauty (aka The KLF) den Dokumentarfilm “Watch The K Foundation Burn a Million Quid” auf, in dem sie eine Million britische Pfund in 50-Pfund-Noten verbrannten.” Via

* Und: Plattform gegen die “Wir haben da keine Frau fürs Panel gefunden”-Ausrede

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