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Und sonst so? : 10. 07. 2011

Foto: Erwin Wurm: Untitled, 2007 / Wear Me Out @ Middelheim Museum. Via

* Der neue Politcomic von Zampa Di Leone: “Dutch Cuts“. Via: Mail

* Street Art mittels Crowdfunding? Leon Reid IV bittet um Spenden fĂĽr seine “Tourist-In-Chief”-Installation

* Guter Artikel ĂĽber “Street-Art-Jäger”: Banksy und die Rattenfänger. Via: Mail, danke Lorri!

* Pfandgeben: “Wir geben Dir die Handynummern von Pfandsammlern in deinem Bezirk und Du rufst einfach einen an.” Via

* R.I.P.: Cy Twombly

* Aktion in Ă–sterreich: Hier kommt die Bildungsmilliarde! Via: Mail, thx!

* Streetart goes Sexstyle: Boris Hoppek hat einen Dildo gestaltet. Via

* Stadtplanung & Urban Activism: “Commons is a civic game and iPhone app which aims to help new Yorkers “compete to do good” while helping to improve New York City. Equipped with an iPhone + the Commons app, players are challenged to identify problems in urban space and suggest ways to improve them. Players can vote for each other’s ideas and the most popular one wins the game.” Via

* Die Stadt, das Kino und die Moderne: Benjamin BardousParis, Hauptstadt des 19. Jahrhunderts“. “I made an essay/experimental film inspired by the Passagen-Werk by Walter Benjamin.” Via: Mail, merci!

* “Captcha”-Erzählung von Gabrielle De Vietri. Via

* Mit welchem/r Politiker/Politikerin wĂĽrden Sie lieber punkt-punkt-punkt? Sexy Bundestag!

* International Random Film Festival: “IRFF is a travelling film festival that decides its venue via wikipedias “Random Article” function. All entries are allowed, the official selection is chosen by a special random selection method”. Via: Linktipp, thx Synes!

* Und es hat Booooooom gemacht: “ARTBOMB is a peaceful art intervention initiated in The Netherlands. The Dutch Government is about to cut 40% of all cultural funding. This will result in the disappearance of a multitude of organizations that excel internationally in their field. This loss will be felt not only by the Dutch public but by the international community. One signal, one moment, one act to show support. You can contribute visual ammunition against the disproportionate cuts to the arts budget. This visible intervention will rise up around the world where people value the arts and want to express their support for artists and cultural organizations.” Via

* Kunstwerke im AppFormat: der AppArtAward des ZKM


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