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Und sonst so? : 07. 04. 09

Olaf Breuning: “Mr. Hand, Mrs. Ass, Mrs. Knee, Mr. Foot”, 2002 @ Pictopia, Festival neuer Figurenwelten, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, bis zum 3. Mai.

* Neue Runde fĂĽr das wunderbare Kunstprojekt Papergirl Berlin

* Kunstkritik mal anders: Critical Run. “Critical Run is a sweating debating format for criticism. The concept is developed by artist Thierry Geoffroy and the purpose is to train the awareness muscle by discussing a topic while running. Distances are relatively short and participants are often dressed in normal shoes and clothes. Topics discussed so far include: “Does art has an impact in political decisions” and “optimism at the age of global war”. Via

* Schöne Fotografien, schöne Webseite, tolles Projekt: louche lust – the opposite of porn. Via

* Reinhören in die Diskussionsrunde des “City from Below panel to discuss the history of social movements’ creative potential, its exploitation and cooption by capital, and the reclamation of integrity.”

* Kehinde Wiley: Gangster-Rapper vor BlĂĽmchentapete

* Und noch ein Hör-Tipp: Auf Bayern2 läuft heute, Dienstag, 7. April, die Radiosendung “Kunst, Skandal, Avantgarde” (20:30 – 21:30 Uhr, Stream hier): “Der Kunst-Skandal dient der Stabilisierung der Verhältnisse, stellt sie weder auf den Kopf, noch auf die FĂĽĂźe. Ist es noch ein Skandal, wenn alle so schön mitspielen? Ist nicht genau das der Skandal? Und wird es nicht langsam langweilig?”

* Territorial Knittings: A subtle intervention by Canadian artist Lauren Marsden in which she knitted covers for street signs on every street which she has lived in Victoria. Via

* TRASH: anycoloryoulike is a vivid art intervention for urban beautification and environmental awareness. The project consists of select city blocks in which new artist-created bags transform standard piles of trash into vivid sculptures of color through the participation of local business owners and residents. Via

* Subversive Banksy-Fakes: “The greatest trick Banksy ever pulled was convincing the world he was anonymous. You know we live in a strange world when a former bootlegger became the most counterfeited artist working today. In a similar vein welcome to the official home of notbanksy.co.uk. Nothing official about that, and absolutely everything to do with the allegedly subversive street artist Banksy. What can be said with total certainty is that there are no gallery associations here, and that subverting subversion can be good for your health.” Via: Mail

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