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Die neue Rockumentary von UBERMORGEN.COM @ ARTE Creative: “Woppow” ist eine Fashion-Linie, inspiriert von Somalischen Piraten. “A French fashion designer who calls himself “woppow” travels to his homeland of Kenya and gets incredibly inspired by Somali pirates for his next “Art Couture” collection. He creates the new lines “MZUNGU by woppow” (pret-a-porter) and a kids collection called “woppow SHIFTAZ”. Influenced by the superficiality of media reports on the mysterious Somali pirates he starts to copy the mitumba pirate-style and the local fishermen wear. He photoshoots kids in Kibera in his new stylish streetcar, his scouts invade Eastleigh in order to access kenyan/somali trend-mixes.” Via

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