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Thomas voor ‘t Hekke & Bas van Oerle: “panoptICONS”

Kamerav√∂gel von Thomas voor ‘t Hekke und Bas van Oerle: “We thought you might like our graduation project for Utrecht school of the art in the Netherlands. The project we worked on is called panoptICONS and it’s a combination of street art objects and an interactive installation. panoptICONS addresses the fact that we are constantly being watched by surveillance cameras in city centres. The surveillance camera seems to have become a real pest that feeds on our privacy. To represent this, camera birds – city birds with cameras instead of heads – were placed throughout the city centre of Utrecht where they feed on the presence of people. In addition, a camera bird in captivity was displayed to show the feeding process and to make the everyday breach of our privacy more personal and tangible.” Via: Mail, thx!

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