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The Superhero Project @ HLP Space, Brüssel

Hatte hier schon mal über das “The Superhero Project” von Abner Preis gebloggt – morgen beginnt die Ausstellung im neuen HLP Space in Brüssel: “The Superhero Project was inspired by recent legislations to ban the use of Burqas based on a vague notion of an ‘ideal society,’ in which such clothing is not appropriate. Preis seeks to alter the mindset of people as they begin to feel and dress like heroes. He maintains that wearing a mask puts people in the condition to address issues about civil liberties and democracy, and encourages people to ask how important the idea of an ideal society is when like Superheroes, it is a product of our imagination. This week in Brussels on October 22 in the context of Parcours Modo 2010, an itinerant fashion event in Brussels the HLP space will be opening with an exhibition dedicated to the Superhero Project, which will host a public performances and tours around the Parcours where visitors can dress up as superheroes.” (*) Via: Mail, thx!

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