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The Krasnals: “Great Heart of Michael Jackson and Jeff Koons”

Und hier kommt sie – die erste polnische Pop-Art-Welle: “How many people will have to die, Before we will take a stand, How many children will have to cry, Before we do what we can”: “We (The Krasnals) declare that we are closing phase of Polish sentymental gray art (minimal art, polish art, polish shit art), finish our masochistic national tendency to sink in a depressing gray and open the era of color, joyful, kitsch-pop-art. Let us enjoy consumerism honestly, without stings of remorse , especially in a time of crisis, let the real perfect kitsch host in great hearts of our viewers! With this painting – The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal “Great Heart of Michael Jackson and Jeff Koons from The Krasnals for children”, 2009 – we open up officially era of kitsch-pop-art in Poland! Via: Mail

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