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Watchlist: Johannes Vogl

“Horizont”, 2009. Foto: Woessner

“Ohne Titel”, 2008

“O.T. (Marmeladenbrotstreichmaschine)”, 2007

“Moskitofänger”, 2005

Johannes Vogl, Berlin (PDF). Mehr Projekte bei seiner Galerie Martin Janda. Via

Watchlist: Benoit ATL

Laut, bunt, schräg – so sieht die Pop-Art im 21. Jahrhundert aus: Benoit ATL. “Benoit ATL is one of those artists we’re proud to know. Painter and lover of modern art he places anachronysm in most of his paintings, playing between ancien art and cartoon art he’s not afraid of putting a Mario or a Yoda in a Yalta remake painting, or drawing a gay Che Guevara.” Via/Via

Watchlist: Todd Fisher

Fotografien von Todd Fisher. Via/Via

Watchlist: Michel de Broin

“Encircling”, 2006: “This public artwork adopted the urban language of street signs, asphalt and road markings to create an irregular circular road in North Hagley Park. Its ironic system absurdly redirects traffic into a never-ending circuit on a road to nowhere, thus undermining the usual objective of maximum practicability in urban design and planning.”

“Stick to resist – autonomous version”, 2004: “The autonomous version of Stick to Resit is made up of a high-capacity (300 kilo) electro-magnet with a degree of relative autonomy enabling it to be installed in public spaces on metallic surfaces such as the Eiffel Tower. The robot is equipped with an electronic signature, enabling its user to activate and deactivate the magnet. Without the personal identification number, it is impossible to remove the magnet once solidly installed in a public space. When activated, a countdown shows the battery-life, suggestive of a time bomb; far from being the case, when the countdown ends, the electromagnet falls to the ground.”

“Revolutions”, 2003: “This work is inspired by the curved staircases which are so much a part of Montreal’s identity. Here, the staircase twists into a knot, deconstructing the vertical symbolism normally attributed to stairs, and takes us through an infinite cycle of revolutions, where, from one transformation to the next, all that rises comes down again.”

Michel de Broin “ist ein Experte für Widerstandsmetaphern. Er tritt mit diesem Konzept der “reversen Entropie” nicht nur der Melancholie der modernen Physik entgegen, er will vor allem dem diktatorischen Kreislauf des Profitstrebens und der aus ihm resultierenden Ausbeutung ein Ende setzen.” Via

Trompe-l’œil-Sticker: Aakash Nihalani

FatBlooded – Following Aakash Nihalani from William Zoe FitzGerald on Vimeo.

Aakash Nihalani (Flickr): “Aakash Nihalani, who creates trompe l’oeil 3-D boxes using tape on sidewalks and public surfaces, isn’t so cloak and dagger about things. He takes his time creating installations in broad daylight, makes videos of the process and even uses his real name. (*) Via

Watchlist: Rune Guneriussen

Faszinierende Bilder: das Portfolio des norwegischen Fotografen Rune Guneriussen. Via