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Vladimir Turner: “At first sight”

Liebe auf den ersten Blick! Vladimir Turner im Perückenladen.

FRÖHLICH, MLADY, SIMANEK & TURNER: “Merry-Go-Round” – Making-Of

Das Making-Of zu “Merry-Go-Round” – dem Billboard-Karussell von Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý, Jan Šimánek, Vladimír Turner in Prag.

Vojtech Fröhlich, Ondrej Mlady, Jan Simanek, Vladimir Turner: Das Kinderkarussell

Wow, fantastisches Projekt von Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý, Jan Šimánek, Vladimír Turner in Prag: “Kolotoč / Merry-Go-Round”, 2011. Via: Mail, thx!

Vladimir Turner: “Balcon public”

Balcon public“: Die neue Intervention/Installation von Vladmir Turner (in Zusammenarbeit mit Punx23) während dem Festival Perffusion in Strasbourg.

Update: Vladimir Turner

“Teepee”, 2011. Teepee built from recycled materials found and in the streets of Prague. Tarpaulin is made of Prague municiplatities adverts around controversial Blanka tunnel, being built in Letná park area. Object is 5m tall. One home-less couple started to use teepee as a shelter few days after the installation. Thanks: Ondřej Mladý, Punx23, Nomads of Prague, Tereza Reichová, Kuba Pešek, Bára Šiklová, Dita Havránková”

“Windows”, 2011

“Bold” & “Hose”, 2011

“Tree”, 2011. Public intervention in Poděbrady, Czech Republic. 2011 160x160cm canvas attached to 2m tall abandoned pole. Thanks to David 87 and Duboe.

Neue Arbeiten von Vladimir Turner. Via: Mail

Vladimir Turner: “Jebej Jeep / Fuck Jeep”

Kleine Aktion von Vladimir Turner – aus einer “Jeep”-Werbung wird “Fuck Jeep”: “We made one really small détournement: Jebej Jeep means “Fuck Jeep” in Czech. It became pretty normal that car companies have their ads ike this in the middle of the pavement etc, which i hate of course…” Via: Mail

Update: Mathieu Tremblin

“Fruits Skewer”, Nijmegen, 2011

“Cobbles Jetty”, Nijmegen, 2011

“Free Wheel”, Rennes, 2011

“Libre/Free”, Arles, 2011

Neue Arbeiten von Mathieu Tremblin in Nijmegen (aus der Zeit des Memefest-Workshops), Rennes und Arles. Die Arbeit “Pflaster Jetty” spielt auf das bekannte Land-Art-Werk “Spiral Jetty” von Robert Smithson an. Und nachdem Vladimir Turner und Mathieu Tremblin sich in Nijmegen kennen und lieben lernten, realisierte Turner in Amsterdam noch eine letzte Intervention für Tremblin: “Stairway to heaven“. Via: Mail, merci!

Update: Vladimir Turner

“33 Skalpů / 33 Scalps”, 2011

“Povinná výbava / Safety first”, 2011 – Collaboration with Ondřej Mladý

Zwei neue Projekte von Vladimir Turner: “Just letting u know about my last two projects: one is more radical: “33 SCALPS” (it is a logo of Prague minicipality whos policy is really leading to Prague’s end as we know it) and second one more poetic, aesthetic and “nice” dealing with the problem of unsatisfactory amount bike paths in prague: “SAFETY FIRST”.” Via: Mail, thx!

Update: Vladimir Turner

“Untitled (RED)”, 2011: Die neue Performance/Intervention von Vladimir Turner. Mehr Bilder auch hier. Via: Mail, thx!

Watchlist: Vladimir Turner

Dům z karet / House of cards“, 2010: “I took all the propaganda around this particular park, in the centre of Prague. I cleaned out this area from political propaganda, which used guerilla advertising methods. One of the objects fell down by wind, the other was teared down by city cleaners.”

Sub=Pop, 2010

Pokrývač: Ekolog II

S láskou / With love“, 2010: “I send all my correspondence with the tax office, the administration of social affairs and health insurance in red perfumed envelopes. Action continues since my taxation in 2008.”

UFF“, 2009: “UFF is an interactive audiovisual installation which documents the action of 18 artistic interventions in the public places in Prague on 19.5. 2009. The installation enables to watch a video documentation of the performance via interface which runs particular actions on the map of the city. UFF is designed to be a simulation of a dialog between the city and its inhabitans. Are we passive or active inhabitans? Do we have a chance to regulate the rules of the “game” within the system? UFF is a kind of engaged geocaching with elements of street-art. A game as an active form of cognition, space perception, creative approach in solving problems and answering questions. / We were monitoring signal of one of our mobile phones just as Czech Police does it. Through use of the location data we left a trace in the streets of Prague which could be watched in real time on the web or followed via maps shown on street posters and thus taking part in the game. Through re-contextualization of objects and places we aimed to interact with the city. You are watching a recording of this ilegal event, a street game, a dialogue with the city.”

“Nevim coby”, 2007

Wow, was für ein Portfolio! Meine letzte große Entdeckung in diesem Jahr – Vladimir Turner aus Prag, Mitglied der Gruppe Ztohoven. Via: Mail, thx!