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The Krasnals in Venedig

Das polnische Kollektiv The Krasnals hat in Venedig den polnischen Pavillon mit einer Kette verschlossen, einen Protest-Banner gehisst und für mehr Liebe demonstriert: “On the third day of the biennale we carried out guerrilla-style action. We went at night to Polish pavilion and closed it with a chain and padlock. We left the information that the only Polish representation at the biennale The Krasnals banner hanging on the main bridge at the Arsenal. It looks really imposing! W hung it without any obstacles, and no one had the idea that it is “unwanted” work of art. And actually it is – it was rejected in Poland by prestigious corrupted circle of independent jury to the Biennale in Venice, and also by additional independent committee of corrupted curators at Art Boom Festival in Cracow. And this comic situation (phone calls) is recorded in audio. Perhaps our work is still hanging at Arsenal – “Pole lifting meteorite from Pope. 21:37″ – Cattelan’s meteorite, that over a decade age symbolically endorsed the authority of the current art establishment in Poland.” Via: Mail, thx!

The Krasnals: “Great Heart of Michael Jackson and Jeff Koons”

Und hier kommt sie – die erste polnische Pop-Art-Welle: “How many people will have to die, Before we will take a stand, How many children will have to cry, Before we do what we can”: “We (The Krasnals) declare that we are closing phase of Polish sentymental gray art (minimal art, polish art, polish shit art), finish our masochistic national tendency to sink in a depressing gray and open the era of color, joyful, kitsch-pop-art. Let us enjoy consumerism honestly, without stings of remorse , especially in a time of crisis, let the real perfect kitsch host in great hearts of our viewers! With this painting – The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal “Great Heart of Michael Jackson and Jeff Koons from The Krasnals for children”, 2009 – we open up officially era of kitsch-pop-art in Poland! Via: Mail