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Luzinterruptus: “Lifeless Square”

Neue Intervention der spanischen Licht-Künstler Luzinterruptus: So schnell verwandelt sich ein toter Platz in einen Friedhof. “We pray that when the squares in Madrid are rehabilitated, they are not turned into big grey slabs of stones, without the slightest hind of green on its surface. However, up until now our own prayers have been unsuccessful, as they are always changed into big colourless slabs resembling tombstones, poorly suited for children to play, but ideal to place tacky flea markets that reinvent public spaces into commercial areas. An example of these kind of bleak squares is Plaza de Cabestreros in Madrid, where even the benches have a funeral appearance. Making people leave the place shortly after they arrive. Its tombstone shape in life-like size, its coldness and all in an unfortunate line, inspired our intervention Lifeless Square, which we carried out on the early morning on 8th July and in which we recreate easily a graveyard with 12 inhabited tombstones.” Via: Mail