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Watchlist: Jani Leinonen

“From the triptych: Once It Was Faith Now It’s Hunger”


Cap’n Crunch executed on Aalto table

“Hated by many” & “Headstones”

“Franchi Spas-12″ & “Assassination of Nesquick Bunny”

“From the series: Rejected ideas for Cap’n Crunch advertisements”

“From the series Anything Helps: Framed with decorative and valuable gold frames, these signs have been collected from around the world for €20 or $20 apiece.”

“Novita” & “Nainen”

“Pay per view: Playing with the boundaries of art, commodification and voyeurism, Pay-per-view gives viewers a glimpse of an artwork from behind an electronic curtain for 15 seconds at a time. Works from unknown market artists to Jeff Koons are on display, but of course, the art consumer always pays the corresponding market price. To repeat the viewing experience, the viewer pays again. And again.”

Free Ronald: Food Liberation Army

WMMNA-Régine hat ein Interview mit dem Mörder von Ronald Mc Donald geführt, dem finnischen Künstler Jani Leinonen. Im Sommer ist der Gerichtstermin, ihm werden Betrug und Fälschung vorgeworfen: “We just got the final charges via mail a few weeks ago. I and two other FLA members are charged with forgery and fraud, and the trial will be held in June in Helsinki. The prosecutor claims that the repair form of a fictional statue repair company we left at the table at McDonald´s is a forgery. Even more surprisingly he claims we committed a fraud and tried to profit economically by kidnapping Ronald. I am very happy about the chance to make my case in trial. We are planning to invite the best food specialists and art scholars to witness that our action was art and and served a revolutionary purpose.”