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Radya: “Figure #1: Stability”

“After the formation officers may leave the area”: Eine neue Intervention aus Russland – dokumentiert von Radya.

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“Your move. There is one thing – the only one to be totally sure about: everything will eventually disappear. The city, the streets, the buildings, even we ourselves and our children. The time will pass and the piers of this grand bridge will go shaky, fall down, fold as domino row. This basically means, if things are not eternal – and there are no eternal things – we can change them as we want. Everyone has something unshakable, unchangeable, but it is not true. Last move is always yours.”

“Red Square. In the morning we painted the place where the house use to be in red. It was dark and paint looked orange, but as soon as the sun rose, it tuned out scary – it looked like blood. The new glass house-on-the-blood of an old one. It became clear a long time ago that no one is going to rebuild anything, but we must not forget about that. This is a game – the officials are afraid of public attention. Similar stories have repeated many times, and the faster and more effectively we act, the greater the chance of success.”

Radya aus Russland: “I’m interested in in street art, photography and journalism.” Via