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ARTE Creative: Interview mit Sweza

Interview mit Sweza über seine QR-Codes bei ARTE Creative – ein weiteres Video aus der Serie “On the Run” von Just gibt´s hier.

Free Art and Technology Lab: “Hobo Codes”

QR-Codes für digitale Nomaden: “The Free Art and Technology Lab has created a series of 100 QR stencil designs that can be used to provide directions, information, and warnings to digital nomads in urban space. The project – called “Hobo Codes” – is inspired by the Hobo signs developed by 19th century vagabonds and migratory workers to cope with the difficulty of nomadic life. QR codes usually directs users to a URL, but the digital Hobo Codes contains simple information, such as an advice or warning. Scanning the codes reveal messages like “vegans beware”, “those aren’t women” and “it’s fake”.” Via