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Und sonst so? : 25. 10. 2014

Gec/Elfo: “Pegasus”, 2014

* Die Space Hijackers lösen sich auf – ein Nachruf

* “The Octopus in Love“: Die Kunst als Riesenkrake

* “No Ad“: Smartphone App, die Werbung in der Stadt durch Kunst ersetzt

* Ausstellung: “Memories of places I have never been” von Erosie in der Düsseldorfer Galerie Ninasagt (Vernissage 8.11.2014, 19 Uhr; Ausstellungsdauer 9.11. bis 6.12.2014).

* Tolles Transmedia-Projekt im öffentlichen Raum von Mauro Simone: “Bei diesem Film handelt es sich um Googlemaps Routen die mit Markern hinterlegt sind, auf denen findet ihr dann kleine Hörspiele, Filme oder Gesprächsausschnitte. Um die jeweiligen Ausschnitte anschauen zu können sollte man vor Ort sein. Insgesamt gibt es 10 kleine Geschichten die sich überschneiden und an diesen Punkten Euch die Möglichkeit geben die Geschichten zu wechseln. Die Geschichten beschäftigen sich mit der Stadt im Allgemeinen und um jene Menschen die dort leben. Jede Geschichte hat ihren eigenen Rhythmus. Einmal folgt man einem Charakter in sein Alltagsleben, ein andermal geht es um Erinnerung, Träume oder Vorstellungen der jeweiligen Charaktere.”

* Ein Computerspiel mit Konsequenzen IRL: Viridis. “At the intersection of video game, agriculture and the economy. By participating in the game, you gain access to community management of an actual farm of spirulina.”

* Buchtipp: “#artselfie” von DIS, erschienen bei Jean Boite Editions.

* Like: Translokales Rundfunkorchester: TRFO ist ein Ensemble für manipulierte Radios, die über selbstgebaute Controller-Schnittstellen in ein Computer-Netzwerk integriert sind. Danke, Moritz!

* Nur wer lacht, muss zahlen: Ein Comedy Club in Barcelona macht die Höhe des Eintrittspreises vom Lachen des Zuschauers abhängig. Ein Tablet zeichnet auf, wie sehr er die Show genossen hat.

* Tilde.Club: Was wir von einem Retro-Netzwerk lernen können

* The Great Wall of Memes. Merci, Laurence!

* Love, Sex & Graffiti: der Graffiti-Spielfilm “Prague Cans/Prague Graffiti“.

Alley of the Year: Guerrilla Gardening in Prag

Guerrilla Gardening in Prag: “The city of Prague placed 277 horrendous concrete flowerpots in its 5th district. The alleged purpose of this investment was to “reduce car emissions”. From the onset the entire business has raised suspicion. Deplorable design, excessive price and ambition that the flowerpots will be turned into advertising space suggest that we may observe yet another step of incompetent townhall, or in fact a corruption case.

Concrete flowerpots, each weighing several tons, were placed in public squares, on pavements and even lawns. In some cases, their sheer size and placement create insufficient space for baby carriages and people on wheelchairs to move along. The Prague townhall thus contributes to the already malfunctioning public space and stipulates visual pollution in the streets!

The majority of the flowerpots was originally placed in the historical conservation area. Upon refusal and fine from the NPU (National Heritage Institute) the townhall had them moved to the Lihovar station. This place is now “adorned” with dozens of concrete monsters, some of which are placed on lawns (a strange strategy how to “improve Prague environment”). The city cannot get rid of these flowerpots due to the fact that the investment was largely sponsored by the EU (out of the entire cost 20 million crowns, the EU supplied 16 million) and the “invested” money would have to be returned in case of abolishment of the project. Monthly maintenance of the flowerpots costs the city 90 thousand crowns per month.

“Alley of the Year” is an environmentalist direct action and a tongue-in-cheek happening of the AR collective formed by artists and activists. This guerilla-gardening project aims to heighten awareness of suspicious commissioning practices and absence of systematical planning of the public sector. We deem, that care about the environment must not be a populist gesture or means to tunnel subsidies! We support activists who, in past, formed protests or created happenings such as turning a flower box into a swimming pool or a giant ashtray. DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to solving local problems does not need to be approved by the institutions or legal in order to be successful!

The first round of protests to remove the plant boxes has been ignored. They were just moved to the more remote Lihovar area which has now become graveyard of flowerpots, money and the common sense! It is necessary to bring this problem to public attention once again!” Via: Mail

Vojtech Fröhlich: “Cca…”

Foto: Ondřej Bouška

Foto: Jan Šimánek

Vojtěch Fröhlich installierte vorab Kletterhalterungen um dann, am Tag der Vernissage, einmal quer durch die Räume der Kunstuniversität zu klettern, ohne den Boden zu berühren: “In the space of Academy of Fine Art I made replicas of interiors eguipment like switches, lights, another clock or reproduction of the reproduction of Eugen Delacroix’s “Le Massacre de Scio”. All of these objects I tried to install without notion of public. On the opening, I came to school, wear on special climbing shoes and climbed the created path, while use all of these small interventions and replicas of original objects as a climbing holds. I started at the main entrance of the building and ending point was our studio of intermedia studies located on 3rd floor. The whole path I climbed without touching the ground of academy.” Mehr von Fröhlich auch hier – und mehr zum Thema “Klettern als Performance” auch hier. Via: Mail, thx Vladimir!

Epos 257: “Urban Shoot Paintings”

Neue “Urban Shoot Paintings” von Epos 257 aus Prag. Via: Mail, thx Vlad!

FRÖHLICH, MLADY, SIMANEK & TURNER: “Merry-Go-Round” – Making-Of

Das Making-Of zu “Merry-Go-Round” – dem Billboard-Karussell von Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý, Jan Šimánek, Vladimír Turner in Prag.

Update: Mathieu Tremblin

“Crocodile Drop”, 2011, Strasbourg

“Hypertag”, 2011, Strasbourg

“26 Wishes for Europe”, 2011, Prag

Neue Arbeiten von Mathieu Tremblin.

Watchlist: H3T

“Floating Loo”, 2011

“Observatory Toilets”, 2010

“Bicycle Sauna Kolonok”, 2011

“Transportable Sauna”, 2010

“Tea House ČD”, 2011

“Tea House Muštelka”, 2010

Das Prager Architektentrio H3T baut mobile Saunen, Teehäuser in luftigen Höhen – und illegale Toilettenhäuschen. “The Toilet with a View provides one of the most important qualities of a good toilet: privacy. It’s located far from everyone, and nobody would come here, so it’s no problem to leave the door open. But even better it also provides a great view over the nearby city of Letná. With this project the architects try to discuss the lack of essential amenities in public areas in cities in the Czech Republic. “Public places are still unfriendly towards people interested in using them”, they explain. Using that situation as a challenge, this construction aims to facilitate people’s natural needs in the best way possible. The toilet is build out of recycled materials, and although it served a lot of people it was already broken down after several weeks.” Via

Ztohoven: “Non multi sed multa”

Die tschechische Künstlergruppe Ztohoven hat den 27 in das Pflaster eingelassenen Kreuzen in der Prager Altstadt, die an die Hinrichtung der 27 böhmischen “Herren” erinnern (eine Sanktion für den Ständeaufstand in Böhmen) ein 28. Kreuz hinzugefügt – für Martin Fruwein, einen der aktivsten Teilnehmer des Ständeaufstands. Ztohoven wollte damit nicht nur eine Geschichtsdebatte entfachen, sondern auch generell die Bedeutung solcher Gedenkstätten hinterfragen (das 28. Kreuz fiel drei Tage lang niemandem auf). Und hier gibt´s auch noch eine Tracks-Reportage (FR) über das Projekt “Citizen K“.

Update: Vladimir Turner

“33 Skalpů / 33 Scalps”, 2011

“Povinná výbava / Safety first”, 2011 – Collaboration with Ondřej Mladý

Zwei neue Projekte von Vladimir Turner: “Just letting u know about my last two projects: one is more radical: “33 SCALPS” (it is a logo of Prague minicipality whos policy is really leading to Prague’s end as we know it) and second one more poetic, aesthetic and “nice” dealing with the problem of unsatisfactory amount bike paths in prague: “SAFETY FIRST”.” Via: Mail, thx!

Watchlist: Vladimir Turner

Dům z karet / House of cards“, 2010: “I took all the propaganda around this particular park, in the centre of Prague. I cleaned out this area from political propaganda, which used guerilla advertising methods. One of the objects fell down by wind, the other was teared down by city cleaners.”

Sub=Pop, 2010

Pokrývač: Ekolog II

S láskou / With love“, 2010: “I send all my correspondence with the tax office, the administration of social affairs and health insurance in red perfumed envelopes. Action continues since my taxation in 2008.”

UFF“, 2009: “UFF is an interactive audiovisual installation which documents the action of 18 artistic interventions in the public places in Prague on 19.5. 2009. The installation enables to watch a video documentation of the performance via interface which runs particular actions on the map of the city. UFF is designed to be a simulation of a dialog between the city and its inhabitans. Are we passive or active inhabitans? Do we have a chance to regulate the rules of the “game” within the system? UFF is a kind of engaged geocaching with elements of street-art. A game as an active form of cognition, space perception, creative approach in solving problems and answering questions. / We were monitoring signal of one of our mobile phones just as Czech Police does it. Through use of the location data we left a trace in the streets of Prague which could be watched in real time on the web or followed via maps shown on street posters and thus taking part in the game. Through re-contextualization of objects and places we aimed to interact with the city. You are watching a recording of this ilegal event, a street game, a dialogue with the city.”

“Nevim coby”, 2007

Wow, was für ein Portfolio! Meine letzte große Entdeckung in diesem Jahr – Vladimir Turner aus Prag, Mitglied der Gruppe Ztohoven. Via: Mail, thx!