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A Razor, A Shiny Knife: “NYC Dining Car”

Die kulinarische Performancegruppe A Razor, A Shiny Knife verwandelte eine New Yorker U-Bahn in ein Luxusrestaurant und servierte ein 6-Gänge-Menü: “On the first of May we hosted a “luncheon” on the L line of the New York City subway. The subway is a familiar place, providing a necessary means of transportation for many New Yorkers. Its stairwells, turnstiles, platforms, trains and unpredictable elements are all-too-familiar to its dedicated patrons. One begins to know the exact time of travel from one destination to another. One begins to intuit the conditions of a ride, anticipating smooth stretches and knowing when to brace for a jarring turn. Through a series of familiar gestures, presented in commonplace locations in unfamiliar ways, we set out to challenge a habitual experience.” Via

Nicolas Belly: “Less is More”

Roller und Fahrrad-To-Go: Für heutige Pop-Up-Urbanisten hat Nicolas Belly den passenden fahrbaren Untersatz als DIY-Kit entworfen. Gibt’s wahrscheinlich schon bald bei IkeaVia

Pop-Up-Bar: Bucky Bar in Rotterdam

Fantastisch! DUS Architects hat in Rotterdam eine (interaktive) Pop-Up-Bar aus Regenschirmen gebaut: “The Bucky Bar opened, a temporary public building designed by DUS architects. The dome-bar, entirely made of umbrella’s, appeared seemingly suddenly out of nowhere on the street around a lamppost in the centre of Rotterdam. The fully equipped bar, complete with DJ and drinks, was directly built on site. Approximately 300 visitors danced under the umbrella roof, until at 2:00 AM the police ended the party, as there was no permit.” Noch eine mobile Bar gibt’s hier und ein Pop-Up-Büro hier. Via.

Liddy Scheffknecht & Armin B. Wagner: “Pop Up”

Darüber freut sich die digitale Bohème: Liddy Scheffknecht und Armin B. Wagner haben den Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft entwickelt – komplett aus Karton und Tape. Via