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Und sonst so? : 11. 08. 11

Foto: Via

* Theorie: “The London Riots as a political act.

* “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” mit Assange & Žižek, 1-2. Oktober in Sydney. Via

* “Londoner Krawallbilder mit Hilfe von Photoshop umgestaltet. Justin Bieber taucht auch mehrfach auf”. Via: Linktipp, danke Patricia!

* “Street Tag turns your iPhone into a can of spray paint. You can graffiti the street in real time without fear of being arrested. Adorn everything and anything, even those buildings you never thought possible to tag.” Via

* “Banksy: The Antics Roadshow“: “An hour-long special produced by Banksy charting the history of behaving badly in public, from anarchists and activists to attention seeking eccentrics.” Via

* Schönes Retropixel-Game “One Chance“. Via

* Kampnagel: Internationales Sommerfestival 2011 startet am 28. August in Hamburg. Via

* Die nächste Speed Show steht an: “Becoming, Not Being“, 27. August, Berlin, kuratiert von Sterling Crispin, u.a. mit Rafael Rozendaal, Ernst Markus Stein, Sally McKay etc. Via: Mail

* “Second Lives: Jeux masqués et autres Je“: “The exhibition open throughout the Summer at the Casino de Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, presents critical as well as humorous works on contemporary strategies of construction and deconstruction of identity.” Via

* “Pyongyang Too“: A North Korean tribute to French-Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle. Via: Mail, thx Andy!

* Klassiker: Marina Abramovićs “Art must be beautiful – Artists must be beautiful”, 1975. Via

* Klassiker II: Salvador Dalí im Playboy.

Kim Asendorf: “100.000.000 stolen pixels”

Kim Asendorf: Custom Java software crawls the internet for images and steals a square of 100 pixels per image. The cut-offs of 1.000.000 images get merged to a single image. Four different versions, partially sorted, are available: http://kaubonschen.com/100000000. Via